BlueBerry Cosmetics - The birth of a Hungarian brand

Founded in november 2011.

Blueberry Cosmetics, a hungarian brandThis story, unlike many great discoveries and innovations, did NOT start accidentally, and did not happen by chance. I tried many different soaps, shower gels and shampoos that I saw in commercials, always the latest trends and the ones whose package happened to appeal to me. Unfortunately, the desired effect never followed and my skin just stayed dry and itchy. No wonder, that as an ordinary consumer, I started to have doubts about the truth of the information that flows from the media.


After my baby boy was born, I only gained more bitter experience: when we started using a soap free baby body wash, his skin was covered in itchy red spots. Instead of alternating between different brands, I started to study the ingredients of the cosmetics.

Reading countless articles and scientific publications, I became interested in home-made cosmetics. I learned that hand-made soaps do not dehydrate, but on the contrary, they moisturise and cleanse, moreover, they can cure certain skin diseases. At first, I learned the 'science' of soap making from the internet, then I took several soap making courses in Hungary. Since the tradition of home made soaps is much more widespread in the USA today, I acquired the know-how as well as the necessary instruments from there.


The first step...

Making home-made soaps started out as a hobby that I enjoyed doing beside my day job. I tested my soaps first on family members, then on my friends and colleagues. I received constant encouragement and positive feedback: one of my colleagues told me how happy she was that her dry, cracked hands became soft and healthy again, another colleague told me that my soap cured her eczema, while another one explained to me that she does not need to use body lotion anymore, because my soap moisturises her skin just perfectly. Countless stories like this inspired and encouraged me to establish Blueberry Cosmetics Ltd., so Blueberry soaps can be introduced to everyone (who would like to have healthy, beautiful skin).


Finally, in November, 2011, Blueberry Cosmetics Ltd. was officially formed. As the above cast some light on it, not by chance…

Virág Illés
BlueBerry Cosmetics Kft.


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BlueBerry Cosmetics – Contacts


Blueberry Cosmetics, a magyar márkaBLUEBERRY-COSMETICS Kft.

Workdays between 9:00 - 17:00

Tel. +36 30 477 3115


Address: Hungary, 1038 Budapest, Puszta street 1/A.
Business Registration Nr.: 01-09-974111
TAX Nr.: 23698600-2-41



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BlueBerry Cosmetics – Partners, dealers

Where our products can be found
  • Blueberry-Shop

    MoM Sport Building, Fitness & More

    H-1123 Budapest, Csörsz utca 14-16.

    More information: Fitness & More reception


  • Első Válogatott Bionom Termékek Webshop

  • Fitotitok Webshop

  • Éléskamra Biobolt (shop)

    H-4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Hősök tere 3.


  • ART6 Szalon (shop)

    H-Szentendre, Virágok és Kívánságok tere, Alkotmány u. 3.


  • Bijó Élelmiszer Kereskedelmi Kft. (shop)

    H-1135 Budapest, Róbert Károly körút 96-100.


  • Vintage House - Austria (shop)

    A-6290 Mayrhofen, Hauptstrasse 405.


  • Zöldzug Ökoszolgálat (shop)

    H-1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 34.


  • Kolostorkert Biobolt (shop)

    H-XVII. district, Budapest, Pesti út 42.


  • 4saison Handels GmbH (webshop)

  • Kerekegészség Webshop

  • ZöldABC Webshop

  • Zölddalma Webshop


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Natural products, packaging and shipping


Blueberry Cosmetics - Natural, hand-made soap bars, liquid soaps and shower gelsWhy natural soaps?

At Blueberry Cosmetics, our aim is to craft 100% natural products that can provide a higher quality of life for our customers. By using Blueberry soaps, you can protect your health as well as the environment, since our products do not contain any paraffin, SLS, parabens, preservatives, artificial colours or fragrances.

Blueberry Cosmetics - Eco-friendly packagingEco-friendly packaging

Our company is committed to protecting the environment, therefore we chose to use recycled paper boxes and soy paint for the colourful labels. This way, our packaging is not only beautiful, but environment friendly as well.

Blueberry Cosmetics - Eco-friendly transportingWhy Pick Pack Pont transporting?

More details find here (hungarian version) Details



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Information about Personal Pickup


Blueberry Cosmetics - personal pickupPersonal Pickup Location

Blueberry Cosmetics Offices, 1134 Budapest, Csángó u. 8.

(Near ‘Dózsa György út’ tube station)


Pickup Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9.00.-18.00.,
except on bank holidays.


Delivery and Payment Methods

In case of Personal Pickup, we only accept cash.

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Pick Pack Pont - environment friendly delivery

Introducing Pick Pack Point Delivery

Blueberry Cosmetics - environment friendly deliveryWhat exactly is Pick Pack Point

Pick Pack Point is an alternative delivery system, which ships orders to more than 400 Pick Pack Points in 130 towns nationwide. Pick Pack Points are in frequented places, where you can pick up your order. These can be found at RELAY and INMEDIO newsagents, and at OMV and AVANTI petrol stations.


Blueberry Cosmetics - environment friendly deliveryWhere can you find Pick Pack Points?

RELAY and INMEDIO newsagents with Pick Pack Points can be found at main transport interchanges (MÁV, BKK, FKF, Volán companies, Budapest Airport); in shopping malls, hypermarkets, on pedestrian and high streets of larger towns. If it is more convenient for you to pickup your order by car, you can also find Pick Pack Points at petrol stations, such as OMV and AVANTI.


We send you an email when your delivery has arrived to the selected Pick Pack Point, where you can pick it up in the next 5 workdays, during the shop’s opening hours. Shops are usually open from Monday to Sunday, between 8.00.-20.00.


Delivery Rates:

The offer amount
Shipping fee

0 - 1.900,- Ft


790,- Ft

1.901 - 14.999,- Ft


390,- Ft

15.000,- Ft +


0,- Ft

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About Blueberry:

Blueberry-Cosmetics Kft.

Address: 1038 Bp., Puszta u. 1/A.
Tel: +36 30 477 3115
Business Registration Nr.:
TAX Nr.: 23698600-2-41

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Blueberry Cosmetics - Personal acceptance

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